1. What is Win Big Portal?
    Win Big is a subscription-based game portal that offers highly-rewarding mini games/ quizzes/ contests/ tournaments that have been built with flexible and robust features. The service offers a wide range of fun seasonal games, quizzes and contests that allow users to participate and stand a chance to win great prizes! The prizes of each game tournament/ contest is displayed in https://kh.winbig.asia/.
  2. What phone model does Win Big supports?
    Win Big is supported by all types of smartphones.
  3. What is the subscription fee for Win Big?
    • The subscription fee for Win Big is at $0.05 per day.
    • Additional prices will vary according to the game tournament/ contest that is offered during that time.
  4. Who is eligible to use the Win Big service?
    Win Big hosts game tournaments and is open to all Cellcard subscribers for participation.
  5. How to participate in the tournament game?
    Win Big will announce a game title for each tournament/ contest. To participate, a subscriber need to do the following:
      1. Subscribe to Win Big portal
      2. Play the game and obtain the score
      3. Maintain active subscription for the entire campaign period
  6. How does Win Big ranking works?
    • Win Big ranking is based on the individual game account that obtain the highest scores for each game tournament/ contest.
    • Your scores/ ranking will be gone if you unsubscribe during the campaign period.
  7. Can I change my username on the Ranking?
    Yes, you may change your username in My Account.
  8. How to unsubscribe to Win Big portal?
    For Cellcard users, please click Unsubscribe and follow the instruction.